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Carole Baker

Carole Baker

Carole Baker attended the first Weekend Equestrian Program in Bedford and provided the facilities for the Weekend Equestrian Program at Post University for several years until it outgrew the space! Asked to join the Weekend Equestrian Program Committee in 2014, she was happy to accept. Carole is involved in the PR for the Weekend Equestrian Program and helps find top speakers on a variety of subjects. With experience in England through Pony Club, British Horse Society qualifications; as the owner of a boarding and lesson barn for 20 years; and as the Assistant Professor at Post University and Director of the Equine Business Management Program, Carole is a very experienced horsewoman. She has also appeared on a TV Program talking about horse care and riding to children and taught classes in stable management. She is involved with D4K because “I have learned how much can be done with a wonderful group of volunteers who all feel deeply about D4K and what it does to educate young riders and emphasize proper horse care.”
Carole feels strongly that educating people helps keep horses happy and healthy in their work. “Sadly, many horses suffer because people are not informed about proper care on many basic subjects, and the Weekend Equestrian Program is the perfect venue for offering a wide variety of expert advice for people who want to learn more.
Her advice: “When caring for horses, be observant to any change in your horse’s behavior – it is the only way they can tell you how they are feeling. When teaching, always remember to say something nice first and then add the correction afterwards! This way your students will be listening to your advice!”