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Jennifer DeMeglio

Jennifer DeMeglio

Jennifer DeMeglio has been a Committee member since 2015 although she has been involved since 2007 when her daughters began competing at the Youth Dressage Festival. As a good friend of Jeff Kurtz, she always volunteered where she could but it was Laura Akin who asked her to help Ellen with the tack shop and she was thrilled to be asked to join this great committee! Because of her experience working in retail and eCommerce, helping with the tack shop is a good fit for Jen. She was involved for many years with Pony Club and found the Youth Dressage Festival to be a wonderful experience for her girls and many of the kids that were part of their Pony Club. “Lendon has created an amazing program that allows children, no matter their financial situation, a chance to learn from the best in the business – all she asks is that they have the passion and drive to learn. All my years of involvement with Pony Club and working with kids, I have found that most go on to different careers but become wonderfully well-rounded adults from their time spent at the barn with horses. I want to be part of helping Lendon continue to grow this organization for our future equestrians.”
Jen can’t remember a time in her life when she didn’t love riding and just being around horses. When she was younger, she rode Western and hunters – today her passion is dressage. As the Vendor Relations Director for an eCommerce company that owns both HorseLoverZ and Equestrian Collections, she gets to work with both the manufacturers of products as well as the consumers. She is involved with her local GMO and currently leases a great horse in the hope that she can start showing herself with some of the ladies at the barn. The best advice she can give: “Riding is a lifetime of learning. I have never gotten on a horse and not learned something by the end of the ride/lesson. Always have a sense of humor and patience for both yourself and your horse.”