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Alice Petersen

Alice Petersen

Alice Petersen has been a Committee member since 2002. After bringing some of her students to the Youth Dressage Festival in 2000, Alice heard that Lendon held weekly clinics and started bringing her students. Lendon invited her and her sister to come to meetings and help with the show and D4K. As a Committee member, Alice helps plan and run D4K events and runs the schooling show on Friday at the Youth Dressage Festival. An FEI rider and trainer who runs her own farm, Alice believes in the importance of educating young riders and helping to form good riders who also know about horse care. Working with D4K has helped Alice learn so much. “I have learned about riding, training, teaching. I have learned about diplomacy, tolerance, and how good it feels to help people. I am still involved because I still believe it’s an important program. I am amazed at what the other members of the Committee accomplish, I am amazed at the generosity of supporters. I am amazed at the dedication of many of the riders that D4K helps.”
Riding since the age of two, Alice has ridden hunter/jumpers and fox hunted. Her full-time obsession is now Dressage. A piece of advice she would pass on: “You’re always one half halt away from perfection. This means use your half halts to help improve the horse/movement in everything. Everything!”