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Fern Feldman – Vice-Chairman, Dressage4Kids, Inc.

Fern Feldman has been with D4K since the beginning. Lendon discussed the idea with her at a USDF convention and said “We should do something…” and D4K was born. Because of Lendon’s assessment of kids and the sport, Fern felt that it would be challenging and fun to work with her to make a difference. Although her title is Vice President, Fern has been Lendon’s assistant from the beginning, striving to develop and support the many programs that have been developed over the years and D4K keeps growing! Fern has been involved with a good number of non-profits in leadership roles and enjoys having people work together for common goals. She is constantly amazed at how a group of individuals always becomes smarter when working together. New ideas are generated, vetted and then put into place – and generally, that’s a successful process for any organization. It’s like dressage: there’s always more to learn and the minute you have “mastered” one thing, the next is there to challenge you.
Fern rode once a week until she was 11 and then didn’t ride again until she was 45. Since she never really jumped, when she came back to the sport, the challenge of dressage was obviously the direction for her. Although her children and grandchildren never rode, Fern rides her 11-year-old Connemara pretty much daily. “I HATE to miss a day!” She has competed her other Connemara (Deli, now 25) through Grand Prix but doesn’t currently show. Her best piece of advice is “If it’s not fun, do something else.”