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Joy Black

Joy Black’s son, Gage, competed in the Youth Dressage Festival and that is when Joy thought she might be able to fill a need she saw, so she offered to write the questions for the Youth Dressage Festival and in 2007 became a Committee member. It was as a test writer for the NCCPA that she discovered that she enjoys the challenge of writing questions. Joy says it is a pleasure to use her skills in the horse world. Although Gage decided he likes team sports more than riding, Joy loved riding as soon as she knew what a horse was. In seventh grade, she found a free pony named Patches, bought him, paid to have him shipped to her home ($5), and built him a stall – all without her parents’ knowledge!! (Not recommended! Haha.) Joy still rides, is a USDF L graduate and will be competing at 3rd level.
“I tend to be on the serious side at times and my favorite instructor, Lendon, has reminded me more than once: ‘Do not overthink the movements and just ride them and don’t forget to have fun when competing.’ She is right.”