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Kristine Holloran

Kristine has been a recent addition to the Committee since 2019. Although never in a formal capacity, Kristine has been involved with Dressage4Kids since 2010 when her daughter attended her first Weekend Equestrian Program at age six. “It was very difficult to find equestrian-related programs for someone so young, I literally found D4K by doing a Google search and was amazed at all it had to offer,” recalls Kristine. It was Susan Sieber who helped Kristine through the WEP process and they attended every year until 2017. With a daughter extremely passionate for dressage and an immense admiration for Lendon Gray and the entire team that make D4K possible, the Holloran family has been immersed in virtually every D4K program, including WEP, TEAM, WIT, YDF, and the Horsemanship Clinics. 

Although Kristine grew up riding pony and childrens hunter with a bit of eventing and hunter pacing, she never took to dressage. Today, she is all in with the support needed to help her daughter follow her dreams.  She explains, “Tessa would never have progressed as a rider, or a horseman, or learned from our top professionals without the amazing network that D4K provides to these young riders. I am looking forward to helping sustain this organization so every horse crazy kid has a chance to be their very best in and out of the saddle.”  As a bit of a nervous mom from time to time, she advises anyone in the saddle to “always be riding”. Don’t get complacent and assume nothing bad will happen—horses are unpredictable animals. The best advice she can share from a professional is from Lendon, “If you aren’t going to make it your best, then why bother doing it.” If you are walking, make it your best walk, if you are doing a 20-meter circle, make it your best 20-meter circle. Some advice she feels we can carry into every day life as well.