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Lendon Gray - Chairman, Dressage4Kids Inc

Lendon Gray started Dressage4Kids in 1998 because she wanted to find a way to educate kids in more than just learning to ride on horse in competition. As the President of D4K she does “lots of stuff”! Although she sometimes wonders why she does this, Lendon found that as a successful trainer and competitor and fairly successful teacher, there was an area in dressage that needed improvement. Since no one else was doing it, she decided she would. Lendon has learned that there are some amazing adults out there willing to give time and resources to help the kids learn to be better horsemen.
Lendon grew up doing everything with her backyard horses. “I was on a horse before I could walk, sitting in front of my mother.” At seven she started in Pony Club and evented through the Pony Club ranks. In college she rode hunters, and, at 27, started to specialize in dressage. She has competed in most English and western disciplines, trained with the Olympic Eventing Team, been on two Olympic dressage teams, competed in World Championships and World Cup, ridden most breeds in dressage, run large boarding facilities, taught a lot, organized competitions, taught clinics all over the world, been on a lot of committees in USEF, USDF, USPC and others, and slept some.
“Just today I heard a top trainer say we must be able to inspire our horses so they want to work – that the pressure is on their bodies, not their minds. Good advice.”