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Maureen Pach

Maureen Pach was asked to help out at the Youth Dressage Festival and the Weekend Equestrian Program several years ago. She was involved in Turnout Inspection and the Horse Management Challenge. Maureen is a Turnout Judge and speaks at the Weekend Equestrian Program. Maureen says it is an honor to be part of D4K because “Young people are the future.” The tradition to pass on the knowledge and mentor is part of her horse world experience.
Maureen was born into a farm family. At five years old, she rode her Dad’s stallion bareback. Her father was in the cavalry during WWII. Maureen is a USPCA and British Horse Society graduate. She has completed USDF and USEA Instructor classes, including part 1 of the USDF L Program. Maureen has participated in 4H, English Huntseat, Hunter Jumper, Western, Polo, Combined Training, Pleasure Driving and Dressage. Maureen has always been involved with horses and currently she teaches and competes a little.
Her advice: “In Walter Zettl’s book he reflected on his teacher, a Dressage Master who on his deathbed said, ‘I’m just learning how to ride’ yet he had trained many Grand Prix horses. Be humble, listen to the horse. You may not be able to control the outcome in competition but you can always present yourself and your horse showing your best. Your horse is clean and well-cared for. Your tack, clean and well-fitted. The horse management part can always shine. It is the basic core of your relationship with your horse.”