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Molly Lane

Molly Lane

Molly Lane has been a Committee member since 2000 and is the Sponsorship Chair. Pam Goodrich suggested her daughter enter a show that Lendon Gray was having for young riders. “Amazing what an impact that one piece of advice had, not only for my daughter but for me.” Molly attended the first show in 1999 with her daughter, who had a great time, and decided to see if there was anything she could do to help. Ann Pereira suggested that she could help with Sponsorship and organizing/distributing awards and she’s been involved with Sponsorship ever since. Molly has worked on sponsorship with many non-profit organizations and continues to work with D4K because of her immense respect for Lendon and Fern and what they have created, not only with the Youth Dressage Festival but all the incredible programs D4K now offers. “It is truly a team effort and I have incredible support from so many people. I do it because the Sponsors are amazing. Without the generous sponsorship from individuals and businesses, D4K would not be where it is today. And I do it in gratitude for all that D4K did to help with my daughter’s dressage career. If you put a group of hardworking, very dedicated people together almost anything is possible.”
Molly started riding as a young child, was active in Pony Club, where she met the Gray family and received her A rating. After a long hiatus, she returned to riding when her daughter was three and she had to get a horse to keep their pony company, so she rode Dressage for about 10 years. Although she no longer rides, the family still owns her daughter’s Grand Prix horse.