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Sharon McDonald – Trophies

Sharon McDonald’s daughter Shannon started riding with Lendon in 2006 and later Sharon had the good fortune of riding with Lendon. When Lendon invited her to a meeting, Sharon was so thrilled, she never thought to do anything but accept. An Executive Committee member, she is the Perpetual Trophy Organizer and assists in any way she can. Sharon is an RN who loves horses, riding and D4K and has learned that there is a tremendous amount of work that goes into this kind of organization. “The people I work with are amazing and, like a good rider, make it look easy.”
Sharon rode briefly as a child and later as an adult who interrupted her riding to start a family. She now takes weekly dressage lessons which she loves. Sharon’s words of advice: “Regardless of how well you know a horse, you should always use safe practices on and off the horse.”