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Hay & Shavings

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To All Competitors:

In an effort to facilitate your arrival for YDF, we are asking that you preorder your shavings that you will need (and are not bringing) for the weekend. On your arrival, you will find your order already placed in your stall. You will then be required to pay the appropriate amount (cash or check) when you go to the office to pick up your packet.

Shavings can be pre-ordered on the Entry Form. Shavings price per bag is $10/bag. Each stall requires approximately 4 or 5 bags to bed it initially. There will be limited availability for shavings at the show through the office.

SHAVINGS: $10/bag

Shavings can be pre-ordered on the Entry Form.

We would really appreciate your cooperation on this. If you need shavings when you arrive, HITS will make every attempt to fill your order, but you will be required to pre-pay at the show office and then the order will be transmitted to HITS. The delivery will happen, but possibly not very promptly. As always, we want to make your arrival as easy as possible, and taking advantage of the pre-ordering is a step in that direction.

Thanks so much.