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Winter Intensive Training Program Application


Fill out the application using the fillable form fields below or send it via email to Lendon Gray at


All form fields are required.  Incomplete forms will not be processed.

Winter Intensive Training Program Application Form
TEAM Program Member?
Do you plan on attending all three months? (Preference is given to riders who stay three months.)
Will you be doing schoolwork during the program?
Do you have housing set up?
Do you have daily transportation set up?
Do you plan to show during WIT (Not at all an advantage one way or the other.)
Do you plan to do qualifying shows while in Florida?
Are you willing to take direction from the stable manager?
Can you work with a group of your peers in a positive way?
Are you willing and able to do fitness work daily?
Can you sit through a one hour lecture and be attentive?
On acceptance into the program you will be expected to pay half of the first month’s fee. The second half will be due December 1. Do you agree to make prompt payments in accordance with our payment policy?

Photo Usage Policy

Dressage4Kids often takes photographs and videos during its events and activities.  Dressage4Kids may use these photographs and videos for general publicity and programming purposes, including to raise funds.  Pictures may appear on the website, on the Dressage4Kids Facebook page, in newsletters, and in other print and digital marketing materials.  In addition, participants’ names may be used to recognize individual achievement in marketing materials.