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Dressage4Kids Summer Program 2020


Dressage4Kids Summer Program 2020

Anyone of any age is welcome to enter – yes, that means adults too! All contests will be divided by adult and youth. Depending on number of entries we may divide further by age.

Send videos or photos to or post online and send the link. Remember judging can be done best with clear, steady, in-focus, close-up (zoomed in) videos (or photos).

When sending in your submission, please include the following information: your name, your date of birth (if 21 and under, otherwise state that you're 22 or older), your email address, your phone number, the name of your horse or pony, and your mailing address.

Each contest will be judged by three or more judges. Prizes for each contest will include $25 gift certificates to Dover Saddlery, free lessons, and others. The high score and reserve high score participants (ages 21 and under) in all the contests will receive a Youth Dressage Festival horse cooler! We are still looking for additional prize donations. :-) 

If you have any questions, please contact Lendon Gray at

Have fun!!!

  • Face Mask Decoration Contest

    Deadline June 22 – send photo of you wearing your favorite face mask – either store-bought or home-made.


  • Correct Mounting Contest

    Deadline June 29 - video of you mounting your horse/pony from mounting block and/or video of you mounting your horse/pony from the ground (with someone holding the off-side stirrup) and/or a video of you taking a leg-up. To be judged on correctness, safety, and efficiency. 

  • A Video Tour of your Actual Tackroom and Feed Room

    Deadline June 29 - Show how your stable is organized and tell us any particular ideas you may have on the video – this is not a contest but a sharing of ideas.

  • Braiding Contest

    Deadline July 6 - a video of you doing one braid in the middle of the neck and a photo of the finished job. Any type of braid is allowed.

  • Bandaging Contest (Polo Wraps)

    Deadline July 13 – a video of you putting on one polo bandage and a video of all four legs completed - (videographer walks around the horse showing all four legs)

  • Bandaging Contest (Standing Wraps)

    Deadline July 13 - a video of you putting on one stable bandage and a video of all four legs completed (videographer walks around the horse showing all four legs)

  • Tacking Up Contest (Ages 11 and Under)

    Deadline July 13 - For participants 11 and under: a video of you putting saddle and bridle on your mount.

  • Tackroom Decorating Contest

    Deadline July 27 - video tour of your decorated tackroom as is usually done at the Youth Dressage Festival – any subject matter 

  • Art Contest

    Deadline July 27 – send photo of completed work or send actual work to: Lendon Gray, 21 Lake Avenue, Bedford, NY 10506. Depending on number of entries will be divided by age and type of art: photography, pencil, ink, oil, watercolor, sculpture, etc. You may use artwork used in other contests.

  • Jog Costume Contest

    Deadline August 3– video of participant jogging his equine in costume -  use your imagination - human, equine, or both may be in costume. The jog must be done as it is for vet checks at CDI’s. Walk a short distance away from the videographer, then continue trotting, walk, turn, and jog back.

  • Team Banner Decoration Contest

    Deadline August 10 - For virtual Parade of Teams – video or photograph of individual or all team members with the banner. These will be put together in a movie for a virtual Parade of Teams. Please name all team members.

  • Writing Contest - Ways Horses Communicate

    Deadline August 17  - An essay contest describing the way your horse communicates with you and what he is saying with various actions, expressions and gestures.  There will be four age divisions.  Be sure to include your name, age and contact information with your entry.  Submissions need to be mailed to Beth Clarke at P.O. Box 130, Hatfield, MA 01038, hard copy, in legible handwriting.  No typing unless you have a documented handicap.  Neatness and presentation may be a tie breaker.  Your parent needs to sign a statement to be sent with your submission that you have not used written or internet source material.  You can spend all the time you want observing horses and ponies and figuring out what’s being said.  You can ask other people more knowledgeable than yourself to explain things you are observing but perhaps don’t understand, but you are on the honor system not to ask others for ideas regarding expressions to include.  The point is to learn to observe and “Listen” and notice your animal communicating with you and describe that communication in writing. Illustrations you draw yourself are welcome if they help you make your points, but are not required.

  • Writing Contest (fiction, non-fiction, poetry)

    Deadline August 23. Open to writers of all ages on any subject relating in some way to equines.  To be divided by age depending on number of entries. There will be a separate category for a journal/article about how Covid-19 has affected you and your riding. 

  • Horseless Musical Freestyle Contest

    Deadline August 23 - video of an Individual, Pas de Deux or Quadrille, performed on foot in the small arena (20x40m) at any level (Training Level through Grand Prix) and to music – will be judged on Technical Performance (how much do the movements match those of a horse); Choreography (design, balance, use of space, changes of direction, changes of gait, creativity); Choice of Music and Interpretation (music suggests gaits, cohesiveness, & dynamics); Harmony of Presentation; and if performed as a Pas de Deux or Quadrille, Team Appearance & Cohesiveness.  There will be one division where the participants follow the requirements of the USEF or FEI and there will be one truly freestyle division - anything goes.