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Weekend Equestrian Program


Deborah Meek

Deb Meek has been involved with the Young Rider Program as a parent, volunteer, Summer Camp Director and between 2015-2017 was the Area 1 Young Rider Coordinator overseeing the two USEA Programs - Young Rider Advancement Program (YRAP) and the North American Young Junior Rider Championships (NAJYRC).  She helped create, experience and administer the breadth of programs and opportunities for the region’s young riders and young adult riders. She developed a “six lane highway” where the program delivers access and opportunity from BN to Advanced level riders. During her time as YR Coordinator with a host of extraordinary volunteers, the Area 1 NAJYRC CCI1* Team won the Gold Medal in 2016 plus Individual Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals and the CICOY 2* Gold Medal in 2017. And created record level attendance at the YRAP Summer Camps.  She’s a true believer in the many benefits for Young Riders and Parents that are involved in the program.