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Weekend Equestrian Program


Jon Nowinski

"To The Rescue! Dealing With Equine Emergency Situations” 

Description: “When it comes to our horses we try our best to keep them safe, but there are many unpredictable situations – especially ones they get themselves in to – that can make that difficult. Knowing how to quickly and confidently respond to equine emergency can help provide a bit more comfort should you find yourself and your horse facing one of these. We’ll address some of the common, and not-so-common, scenarios that the EARS Equine Emergency Team has come across, and what to do to help prepare and prevent them from happening to you!”


Jon Nowinski is the Founder and Operations Director of the Connecticut Emergency Animal Response Service (CT EARS). He is a life-long animal lover and over the years has owned quite the zoo of species, as well as working with several animal sanctuaries, rescue organizations, and nature centers. His passion for helping animals is what drove him to pursue a career in emergency veterinary medicine, which is where his starting the CT EARS organization grew from. The organization responds to animal emergency calls throughout Connecticut, and covers all sizes and types of animals “from hamsters to horses.” The special response team works closely with “human” emergency services to assist at the scenes of fires, building collapses, traffic accidents, and other situations where animals are involved. CT EARS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is run entirely by volunteers and funded solely on donations.