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Weekend Equestrian Program


Lyla Andrick

Lyla Andrick, sixteen, has been riding for eleven years; over the course of which, she has studied their behavior, becoming interested in equine vet medicine and using illustrations to explain marish and gelding behaviors. Her riding career began in Hunters but she switched over to dressage at age eleven. As a creative person, eager to share other people’s knowledge and creativity, she began publishing a newspaper The Saddle Club Gazette for members of the saddle club and other patrons of her riding academy. Lyla became part of the Dressage4Kids program five years ago and has since been a part of the Youth Dressage Festivals and the Weekend Equestrian Program. This year she is excited to revisit a presentation from last year on how to draw horse cartoons and caricatures, and also introduce a new topic on story boarding and character creation.