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Anne Baber Wallis

Anne is a global reproductive epidemiologist and travels around the world, often to Africa.  She loves painting, art, and music, and has an Arab/QH dressage horse named Josef Haydn (Joey).  Anne currently trains with David De Wispelaere in Wellington, Florida.

Anne has been involved in Dressage4Kids since 2017.  Anne was introduced to Dressage4Kids through her son Christian, who knew some D4K WIT riders (they mostly knew him as "Brad," the heartthrob!) when he was working for Ilse Schwarz.  After Christian passed, Carol Cohen and others introduced Anne to Lendon.  Anne decided that the best way to fund a scholarship in Christian's memory would be through Dressage4Kids.  The rest is history!

Anne continues to take an active part of Dressage4Kids through Christian's scholarships and is part of the Dressage4Kids committee.  When scheduling permits, she also enjoys volunteering at the Dressage4Kids Youth Dressage Festival (she and her son, Alexander, volunteered in 2018).

When asked what motivates her most about Dressage4Kids, Anne writes, "the absolute commitment to the sport through youth development!"  

Anne also shares, "I am absolutely committed to developing the sport from the ground up.  We must find ways to make it as affordable as possible for kids from all types of backgrounds to be able to ride to their greatest potential.  I call it democratizing the sport."