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Dressage4Kids on YouTube

Dressage4Kids has its own YouTube Channel!  Check out our videos at

Preview some of our videos below - 

Alexa Derr discuss the importance of putting the wellbeing of your horse first. Olympian Lendon Gray chats with Olympians Adrienne Lyle and Sabine Schut-Kery about their journeys to the Olympics.

Lendon Gray interviews four young dressage professionals who have brought their non-traditional horses up to Grand Prix: Matt Baillargeon with his half-draft PMU mare, Alex Gainer with her off-the-track thoroughbred, Emily Gill with her Morgan, and Hannah Irons with her paint pony.

Dressage4Kids Training4Teaching February 7 2021 Panel Discussion on "Teaching Younger Students, Working with Parents and General Client Relations". Speakers include Lendon Gray, Siri Ingebrigtsen, Yvonne Kusserow, Hollie McNeil, Allison Stai.

Dressage4Kids Training4Teaching Series 2021 with Laura King "Your Emotional Intelligence Brings out the Best in your Students"