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Training4Teaching Ongoing Education Scholarship


Training4Teaching Ongoing Education Scholarship

In 2019 Lendon Gray and Dressage4Kids™ (D4K) began a special program for instructors: Training4Teaching (T4T). The mission of the Training4Teaching Program is to provide education for dressage instructors to become the best teachers they can be: that they continue, throughout their careers, to gain knowledge of riding theory, increase their teaching skills, learn new useful training exercises, and improve their overall horsemanship. 

Starting in 2023, the D4K Training4Teaching Program is offering a scholarship of up to $500 to enable professionals to take a day or two from their busy lives to audit the teaching of an instructor they don’t normally observe or with whom they do not usually work (observation should include a minimum of 6 lessons).  

The scholarship is intended to help cover expenses incurred as well as income lost by being away for the day(s) of education.  Scholarship recipient(s) will be required to write a thorough report within four weeks to share with other instructors sharing what they gained from their day.  Applicants who receive scholarships will receive their scholarship funds immediately upon submission of their complete scholarship report.  

Established instructors of all ages and levels of experience are welcome to apply. Applicants must have a concrete plan prior to applying.  The number of scholarships will depend on the funding available.

To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must have participated in or audited at least one Dressage4Kids program or event.

The scholarship selection committee will review all applications promptly.  

Whether or not you receive a scholarship, Dressage4Kids would be happy to share a notice with your clients about the importance of your own ongoing education.

To apply for this scholarship, fill in the application form below.  If you do not receive an email confirmation with a message tracking number within a few minutes after hitting the "submit" button, it is likely that the application did not go through.  If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Mary Livernois at

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If you receive a scholarship, Dressage4Kids would like to offer to share this notice with your clients: Dressage4Kids is pleased to support your instructor by making it possible for him/her/they to take a day for ongoing education. It is our hope that this day away will increase your instructor's knowledge of theory, teaching skills, and exercises, and that it will also be a boost in their own confidence and energy. All of this will be of benefit to you and your lessons.

Photo Usage Policy

Dressage4Kids often takes photographs and videos during its events and activities.  Dressage4Kids may use these photographs and videos for general publicity and programming purposes, including to raise funds.  Pictures may appear on the website, on the Dressage4Kids Facebook page, in newsletters, and in other print and digital marketing materials.  In addition, participants’ names may be used to recognize individual achievement in marketing materials.