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D4K's Horse Donation Program


Dressage4Kids Horse Donations

Since its inception, Dressage4Kids has had over 60 horses donated. Each horse is matched with a rider who agrees to care for the horse forever. We have placed a good number of ponies as well. In fact, one of our favorites advanced the riding careers of at least 4 students. As one rider outgrew the pony, it went on very successfully to the next little one. We have several horses that have competed at the highest levels in dressage, and others that have successfully helped their riders advance through the national levels. It is incredibly important the each horse or pony is matched with the right rider as the happiness of all is our premier tenet.

Information for potential donors:

Dressage4Kids can only accept a donation once a suitable match has been found.  If a good match is found, and if Dressage4Kids and the owner are in agreement regarding the donation, the donor will need to complete the Deed of Gift, the Donation Agreement, and the IRS Form 8283.  This last form will need to be signed by an appraiser and needs to be backed up with proper documentation.  Dressage4Kids cannot assign a dollar value to a horse or pony.  A match can sometimes take a while, and sometimes for various reasons it just doesn't happen at all. 

If you may be interested in donating a horse or pony to Dressage4Kids, Inc., please contact Lendon Gray.  Please include information about your horse or pony such as horse's attributes (physically, temperamentally, in regards to level of training, etc) as D4K wants to place the horse with the most suitable rider.  Photos and video are helpful.  It is helpful to know information such as the level the horse is schooling at home, special handling needs or training issues, stable behaviors that require attention, the lowest level rider that can safely ride and handle the horse, soundness issues, health issues, etc.

Information for potential lessees:

Commitment - The lessee must make a forever commitment to keep the horse or pony for the duration of its life.  If Dressage4Kids grants permission, the horse or pony may, in certain circumstances, be leased to another person.  When considering leasing a donated horse or pony, do not count on this option.  Make your decision under the assumption that you will be financially and morally responsible for the care of the horse or pony for the duration of its life. 

Responsibilities of Lessee - The Lessee agrees to provide the horse with care and training at a standard customary for actively competing dressage horses.  Such care and training shall be at the lessee’s expense and shall include, but not necessarily be limited to: board, exercise and training, hoof care, veterinary care.  The lessee is responsible for insuring the horse until it is 15.  The lessee must sign a lease agreement prior to the start of the lease and there is a small monthly lease fee.  All registrations are to be transferred to D4K for the duration of the lease (eg: with USDF, USEF, etc.).  Leases with USDF and USEF must also be taken out if competing the horse.

If you are interested in possibly leasing a D4K Horse, please fill out the application form available at