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Thank you to our Sponsors!

You create opportunities.

Thanks to you, young riders across the country are able to further their dressage education, which in turn strengthens the foundation of dressage and a love of horses. 

Your funding has helped young riders across the country achieve their equestrian dreams.  A high percentage of Junior and Young Riders at the North American Youth Championships are Dressage4Kids’ participants.  As a leader in the sport of dressage, Dressage4Kids Inc provides educational and competitive opportunities for youth riders and the adults who support them. Contributions to Dressage4Kids fund our educational programs, training, and scholarship awards, thereby deepening the understanding of and love for dressage.

Your contributions ensure the continued success of our programs that support the development of our talented youth to become the international riders, teachers, and trainers of the future. 

“As a parent you try to give your child the opportunities you can so they can become the best versions of themselves.  I am forever deeply grateful for how Dressage4Kids and its sponsors have helped me do that for my child.”     

On behalf of the numerous dressage riders who have enjoyed our events over the past 20 years, thank you for joining us in our efforts to offer quality programs in the sport of dressage.  

Sponsors of Dressage4Kids

Kim Van Kampen

Mary Anne McPhail

Nancy Hutson

Sarah Davis

Renee Isler

Terri Kane

Anne Sparks

Leslie Staschak

How to Become a Sponsor

Contact Lendon Gray or Fern Feldman, Vice Chairman of Dressage4Kids, if you are interested in becoming a sponsor of Dressage4Kids.

Sponsors of Lendon's Youth Dressage Festival

Thank you to our Lendon's Youth Dressage Festival Sponsors!  For a list of our Sponsors, please visit