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Frequent Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some quick answers to frequently asked questions. Just start by following one of the links below. If you can’t find the question you wanted to ask, you can always contact us.

  1. Dressage4Kids provides educational and competitive opportunities for youth riders and the adults who support them.

  2. Dressage4Kids Programs include:

    TEAM (Training, Education & Mentoring) Program – for dedicated, determined young dressage riders of all levels. The goal of the program is to find, to help to educate, and to develop talented youth to become the international riders and trainers of the future. The program organizes clinics throughout the year in various parts of the US, and from these clinics participants will be selected for national clinics. Both the Robert Dover Horsemastership Clinic and the Courtney Dye Horsemastership Clinic are a part of D4K’s TEAM Program.

    Scholarships – Thanks to its partners and sponsors, Dressage4Kids has developed a scholarship and professional development program. Some scholarships assist youth and young adult amateur riders to enhance their horsemanship skills and competition experience and to introduce them to career opportunities in the equine industry. Other scholarships provide networking or financial assistance to aspiring and current young professionals to further develop their repertoire of training, coaching, competition, business and stable management skills. Since its inception, Dressage4Kids Inc. has given over $100,000 in scholarship money to help support over 500 people in their pursuit of excellence in dressage education.

    Training4Teaching - In an effort to continue to support our successful young riders who move on to become professionals (and even our experienced pros), Dressage4Kids offers programs on How to Teach. Through their riding education we expect that riding instructors have the knowledge of what to teach, but very few teachers/instructors have had any education about HOW to teach.

    Weekend Equestrian Program – an annual event usually held in January or February for riders of all ages, levels, and disciplines; parents; and trainers. The Weekend Educational Program seeks to include everyone from the horse community and to offer horse- and rider-related seminars on many topics such as horse management, horse health, stable management, riding skills and theory, rider fitness, mental toughness, coaching, and marketing your business. The Weekend Educational Program attracts over 300 participants every year.

    Winter Intensive Training Program – for aspiring young riders that are committed to be the best they can be. This program takes determination, drive and passion. The goal of the Winter Intensive Training Program is to give opportunities for youth riders to participate in consistent and extensive training not only in riding, but in all areas of horse care, riding and training theory, and competition skills. The Winter Intensive Training Program is conducted annually in Wellington, FL from January – March.

    Youth Dressage Festival – the flagship event of Dressage4Kids, the festival offers individual and team competition for riders from ages 4 through 21. Division championships feature a three-phased competition: a written test, an individual dressage test, and a group equitation ride. The Youth Dressage Festival at HITS-on-the-Hudson Show Grounds in Saugerties, New York is an annual event usually held in July or August. The Youth Dressage Festival Saugerties draws over 1000 people to the show grounds. There are now additional subsidiaries of the original Youth Dressage Festival, including Youth Dressage Festival Midwest and Youth Dressage Festival Atlanta.

  3. Please visit our Event Calendar.

  4. We have a responsibility to our community and our donors and work hard to ensure long-term sustainability of the organization. When you make a donation, you have the option of earmarking the funds for a particular program or you can make the donation to the general Dressage4Kids fund.

  5. If you are already a member of the TEAM Program, email Mary Livernois ( and advise us of your interest in a particular program. If you are not yet a member, please review the TEAM Program information and complete the application process. Formal invitation letters are sent approximately 6 weeks prior to the start of a clinic. These invitation letters include information such as clinic fees, stabling fees, liability waivers, etc.

  6. How much does a TEAM Program Clinic cost?

    Fees are subject to change without notice. The cost for a TEAM varies depending on the clinic. For 2-day regional clinics, the clinic fees are typically $240. Added to that are stabling fees, lunches, and everything else associated with traveling.

  7. Please contact our volunteer coordinator Amanda Gifford at