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Courtney's Quest Scholarship


About the Courtney's Quest Scholarship

International competitor Courtney King-Dye has been a friend of Dressage4Kids since its inception. She was 22 when D4K’s first activity, the first Youth Dressage Festival, was held, and therefore was too old to compete. Instead, she did wonderful educational exhibitions as well as jumping/dressage performances at the shows. In some of these she rode Idocus, the horse she rode in the World Cup in 2005 and 2007 and the reserve horse for the 2008 Olympics. Courtney was a member of the U.S. Equestrian Team at the 2008 Beijing Olympics (held in Hong Kong) on Mythilus.

As Courtney’s successes grew, she continued her involvement in D4K, as a roving trainer, an instructor in the summer clinics and the pony clinics, a speaker at the Weekend Educational Program, and starting in 2006, as an equitation and dressage judge at the Youth Dressage Festival.

Almost every young rider has dreams like Courtney had as a teenager and a few get the opportunity to train and compete internationally. D4K would like to help other talented riders follow Courtney’s quest for knowledge, for experience, and for excellence in her training and competing.

The Courtney’s Quest Scholarship is available to highly successful competitors who have participated in prior Dressage4Kids activities. The scholarship money will be awarded to assist riders in major International competitions (NAYC not included). Riders will be eligible until the year they turn 30.

Applications may be sent to the committee at any time during the year.

The Scholarship Committee expects scholarship recipients to give back to D4K programs commensurate with their knowledge and experience. By accepting scholarships, recipients must agree to volunteer their time and/or expertise in some way that will benefit or enhance D4K programs as a whole. Some ways that members give back for their scholarship awards include assisting at the various programs, conducting clinics, organizing a clinic or a fundraising event for scholarships, judging, writing an article, and/or being available for publicity, photos, etc.

All scholarship recipients will be required to write a report sharing what they have learned or accomplished in the form of a letter, journal or diary. Photographs may be included. The report will be kept by the Committee, shared with local organizations if applicable, and may be used for publicity purposes to advance the overall awards program.

All decisions of the Scholarship Committee are final.

Apply for a Courtney's Quest Scholarship

Complete the application by filling in the fillable form fields below or email to Mary Livernois at  All form fields are required.  Incomplete forms will not be processed.

Courtney's Quest Scholarship Application Form
If I am awarded a scholarship, I agree to submit a written report sharing what I have learned or accomplished in the form of a letter, journal or diary.

Courtney's Quest Scholarship Awards to Date

2018 - Callie Jones to compete in the European Young Rider Tour

2018 - Anna Weniger to compete in the European Young Rider Tour

2015 - Catherine Chamberlain to train in Germany

2015 - Amanda Katsman to compete in the Maccabi Games

2015 - Mica Mabragana to compete in the Pan Am Games

2015 - Ayden Uhlir to train in Germany

2015 - Genay Vaughn to train in Germany

2014 – Sydney Collier to compete in Para-dressage at the World Equestrian Games in France

2012 – Elizabeth Austin to train with Carl Hester in England

2011 – Isabelle Leibler to ride in the Young Rider World Cup in Germany

2010 – Meagan Davis to ride in the Young Rider World Cup in Germany

2008 – Laura Noyes to ride in the Young Rider World Cup in Germany

2007 – Mica Mabragaña to ride in the Young Rider World Cup in Germany

2006 – Elizabeth Austin to train with Klaus Balkenhol and compete in Germany

2006 – Laura Noyes to ride in the Young Rider World Cup in Germany