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Ellen Rosengard

Ellen has loved horses since the first time she saw Trigger and Flicka on TV as a kid.  She grew up in Queens with a family who had never ridden or had anything to do with horses, but her parents took her to ride wherever they were and supported her love of horses wholeheartedly, although they were a bit bewildered.  She found dressage in her late 40s and never turned back.  She has been riding in Wellington for the past three years with Paula Matute and is the proud owner of Black da Prata, a Lusitano she traveled to Brazil to find.  Ellen went to school for finance and worked in corporate strategic planning.  She has two children and as of June is the proudest grandma of Leni Rae.

Ellen has been involved with Dressage4Kids since 2008. The owner of a small tack shop, she was approached by a committee member to help make aprons to wear over show clothing and to volunteer at the Merchandise Boutique at the Youth Dressage Festival. The aprons were a hit and she got hooked on D4K, the Youth Dressage Festival, the kids, the ponies and the committee members and all the wonderful work being done for the sport of Dressage.

Ellen continues to take an active part in Dressage4Kids through the D4K Committee and through merchandising, marketing, and promotion. 

When asked what motivates her most about Dressage4Kids, Ellen writes, "I love seeing the kids begin and succeed in their dressage endeavors and love most watching the youngest and their adorable ponies."