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Mary Livernois

Mary Livernois

Mary Livernois has been a Committee member since 2012 when she moved to Westchester and reconnected with Lendon. She asked how she could help out and, because she believes in what Lendon is doing and thinks it is so important to develop our youth and help give them the tools to be successful, not just in riding, but in life, she became a part of D4K. Currently the Executive Director, Mary has done a little bit of everything from program management (helping out with TEAM, WEP, YDF, Scholarships) to media management (the websites and email newsletters) to fundraising (the annual appeal, sponsorship for WEP) to business operations to grant writing. “I love putting the pieces together and finding a way to work together to achieve goals. I like to find ways to improve and to strengthen the organization and its constituents.” With an MBA in Marketing and Finance, Mary worked in the flavor and fragrance industry, primarily in sales and product management, although she rotated through all of the functional departments of a company so she was really able to understand the processes and serve as a liaison between the customer and the company.
Mary started riding before she could walk, did Pony Club and a tiny bit of jumping but primarily focused on dressage starting at age 6. Although she doesn’t ride now, her daughter is learning to ride. “I never stop learning! There are just so many people who are making a positive difference in other people’s lives. I am inspired by the people I work with and I am inspired by our kids who are pursuing excellence.”
A piece of advice she would pass on: “There are always choices. It might be an unpleasant choice, but there is always a choice.”