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Mary Livernois

Mary was very lucky to have horses in her life from a young age and has her USDF bronze and silver medals.  Mary also has a BA in German Studies from Vassar College and an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Fordham University.  When not busy with horses (through D4K and with her daughter), Mary enjoys hiking and photography.

Mary has been involved in Dressage4Kids since 2012, when she started volunteering for D4K.  Mary continues to take an active part in Dressage4Kids.  As Executive Director, Mary is involved in Programming, Marketing and Communications, and Management.

When asked what motivates her most about Dressage4Kids, Mary writes, "The young riders and being able to provide educational opportunities for all those interested in the sport.  It is a privilege to be part of D4K and I love watching participants of all ages and levels benefit from D4K Programs."