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Nicole DelGiorno

Nicole is a USDF Gold medalist, Board Member of The Dressage Foundation and Board Member of Dressage at Devon. She works full time as a Product Owner for MarketSmart.  She also teaches a small group of mostly young riders pursuing the FEI Youth pipeline and is the Chef d'Equipe to the Region 1 NAYC Junior Team.  Nicole enjoys helping young riders realize their goals.

Nicole has been part of Dressage4Kids for over 20 years, first as a competitor at the Youth Dressage Festival (starting at age 11) and later as a volunteer.

Nicole continues to take an active part in Dressage4Kids through volunteering, planning TEAM Clinics, coaching TEAM members, and participating in the Training4Teaching Program.

When asked what motivates her most about Dressage4Kids, Nicole writes, "I truly believe that Dressage4Kids is the most successful youth dressage program in the world. When kids need help accomplishing their goals, I've tried to go to other organizations, but no equestrian body really understands and reaponds to the struggles facing our up and coming riders like D4K. D4K always has exactly what is needed to help young riders navigate the sport. I worry constantly about what will happen to American dressage if we cannot figure out how to draw in youth and keep them involved. D4K's mission is perfectly aligned with my own personal mission in life. They give kids a pathway to success and help them feel welcome in the sport."