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Pat Hommel

Pat has worked with non-profits for many years as a volunteer and as a consultant. She read an article about Dressage4Kids and was so impressed with what the organization does, she contacted Ann Pereira. Ann asked if she would be interested in being on the Committee, Lendon made the invite and she came on board in 2012.  Pat still rides occasionally, and her friends are encouraging her to try driving and dressage with a carriage.  Outside of Dressage4Kids, Pat is passionate about advocacy for youth with autism and neurodiversity, consulting, writing, hiking, concerts, travel, and sailing.

Pat continues to take an active part in Dressage4Kids through the D4K Committee.  She has been involved in Sponsorship and is currently working with the Scholarship Committee.  She enjoys hearing what riders have accomplished with D4K and what their ongoing dreams are.

When asked what motivates her most about Dressage4Kids, Pat writes, "Lendon’s dedication, insights and energy!  Her guidance motivates the attitude and work ethic of the kids. There are so many committed people involved that are role models for our young riders.  Lendon’s program has developed many top young dressage riders who are distinguishing themselves in competition, coaching and breeding.  It’s an honor to be part of this organization and seeing how it has become a cornerstone for developing equestrians in the United States."

Pat also shares, "Animals have been an important part of my life.  I’ve been involved with ponies and horses since I was 8 years old and the time I’ve spent with the horses and the wonderful people who helped me has shaped my life in all areas.  It’s so much fun to read about how the D4K kids enjoy their horses and pets so much.  I have to give credit to my Jack Russell Terrier Jules, who provides a lighter side to my days."