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Sarah McCarty

Sarah's journey with horses began as a Girl Scout taking western lessons for a badge. In the years that followed, with unwavering support from her parents, Sarah found her way to different barns where she was able to work for lessons and get an introduction to the hunter discipline. She discovered dressage several years later in San Diego, and when her husband and she were transferred back to the east coast, she found herself at an eventing barn. That is where dressage became her primary discipline with the instruction of a dear friend and mentor. She leased a wonderful school master, learned the intricacies of the sport, and made her way through second level. About three years ago she bought her first horse and she is hoping to bring her through the levels in pursuit of her bronze medal. Being able to do this is among the greatest joys in her life and is possible because of the amazing support of her husband and children. 2023 also marks Sarah's 27th year as a teacher. Having taught everything from pre-kindergarten through middle school, Sarah is currently very much enjoying teaching English to sixth and seventh graders. For over 20 years she has spent her summers in the saddle as a day camp instructor for Willow Hill Farm in Keeseville, NY where she boards and trains. Two years ago she was also able to start an equestrian club at her middle school with post-pandemic funding. Sarah lives in Plattsburgh, NY with her husband of 26 years, two sons ages 19 and 15, and a rather ridiculous collection of pets.  Sarah has two horses - a 12 year old Paint/TB cross named Finna, and a miniature horse named Captain Rikki.  Sarah is also an avid runner, loves to read, and has dreams of studying for USDF Instructor Certification.

Sarah was first introduced to Dressage4Kids in 2023 after learning about the organization through ENYDCTA.  Sarah has volunteered at a TEAM Program Clinic and at the Youth Dressage Festival, where she really saw the full reach of D4K.

When asked what motivates her most about Dressage4Kids, Sarah writes, "The high expectations placed on the participants is amazing, and their willingness to work hard, accept direction, and persevere is admirable. Education is a tough field right now. Students are not being prepared with the tenacity that they will need to be successful. It's a frustrating place to be, and to find myself in a program of adults with very high expectations surrounded by children of all ages ready and willing to meet them has been rejuvenating. It is an outstanding model of how quality education should be structured."