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S. Braley Gray Award

D4K Festival

S. Braley Gray Award

The S. Braley Gray Memorial Award is given annually at Lendon's Youth Dressage Festival in honor of a person who worked behind the scenes and gave tireless support and energy to the riding world, changing Pony Club, Eventing and Dressage in the Northeast forever.  The award may be presented to an individual with similar enthusiasm who has been instrumental in the development of Dressage.  The honoree is typically announced at the show's Saturday dinner.

Braley Gray was from a boating family yet found himself the patriarch of an equestrian family.  Knowing he wasn't going to beat them, Mr. Gray joined them at the family Puckerbrush Farm, the center of Maine Pony Club, dressage, eventing, hunter and jumper activity for nearly 30 years.  He was usually found building jumps, setting up dressage arenas, backing trailers, extricating cars from the mud and giving moral support.  "Two generations of working student and Pony Clubbers at Puckerbrush Farm always knew my father was there to find ways to make the impossible possible," recalls Lendon Gray.  "Without his unending enthusiasm and tireless support, Pony Club, Eventing and Dressage in the Northeast would be very different today."

This award has been retired.  Previous recipients include:

  • Michael Poulin
  • Carol Lavell
  • Kim Van Kampen
  • Dr. Hilary Clayton
  • Jan Royce Conant
  • Judith Noone
  • Jill Hassler-Scoop
  • Dr. Max Gahwyer
  • Kay Meredith
  • Hilda Gurney
  • Lowell Boomer
  • Priscilla Endicott
  • Lazelle Knocke
  • Margarita (Migi) Serrell