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Volunteer Overview


Dressage Test Scribe

If you have never been a Dressage Test Scribe before, it is a challenging but rewarding opportunity.  For those with Scribe experience, we need you! For those who have never scribed before, but have good note-taking skills and a fair amount of dressage knowledge, we still have scribe positions to be filled.  Scribes are needed for every test, from the Musical Freestyle to Leadline, FEI to walk-trot, and don’t forget the Prix Caprilli and Dressage Trail!

A Scribe allows the judge to keep his/her eyes on the ride at all times while still giving feedback on every part of the test to the competitor.  Judges depend upon the scribe to quickly, accurately, legibly, and quietly record the scores and comments made for each movement. Scribes are needed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

As a dressage test is like a written riding lesson/training session, scribing is just as educational!

For the best “how to scribe” information, please review the USDF Guide for Scribes.