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Dressage4Kids provides educational and competitive opportunities for youth riders and the adults who support them.

Thanks to you, young riders across the country are able to further their dressage education, which in turn strengthens the foundation of dressage and a love of horses. Your contributions ensure the continued success of our programs that support the development of our talented youth to become the international riders, teachers, and trainers of the future. 

On behalf of the numerous dressage riders who have enjoyed our events over the past 25 years, thank you for joining us in our efforts to offer quality programs in the sport of dressage.  

Your support is vital to keep our programs running and to help turn today's youth into tomorrow's leaders.

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Dressage4Kids is a tax-exempt 501c(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. D4K's tax ID# is 06-1600087.


Our mission is to encourage riders 25 and under to become true horsemen; to offer scholarships, to develop good sportsmanship, to support programs for adults who in turn educate youth; and to have fun.

Dressage comes from the French for “training,” which is an apt term since it applies to the art and training of horse and rider.  To succeed in Dressage one needs skills such as patience, understanding, feel, empathy, perseverance, determination, and the will to succeed.  These can be developed on a daily basis, in and out of the Dressage ring, on and off the horse.  The goal of Dressage4Kids is to help young riders develop not only as Dressage riders, but also as individuals – to help them succeed on college applications, on job applications, and as leaders in their communities as well as in Dressage.