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TEAM Program Application


There are 4 components to the D4K TEAM Program Application:

  1. Application form (fillable fields below)
  2. YouTube video link (may be typed into fillable form, further details below)
  3. Letter of recommendation should be sent via email to
  4. $20 non-refundable application fee (clinic fees are separate)

Acceptance to the TEAM Program does not guarantee acceptance to a particular clinic.

The selection process for TEAM clinics will begin approximately 5 weeks prior to a stated clinic from those who have indicated interest (both current TEAM members and new applicants). After that time, riders will be considered as space is available.  Dressage4Kids reserves the right to make all final decisions.

Fill out the application using the fillable form fields below or email the application to:  Please indicate if you would like to be considered for a particular clinic.  For a list of upcoming clinics, please visit our Event Calendar.


All form fields are required.  Incomplete forms will not be processed.

TEAM Program Application Form
(Age requirement: must not reach age 26 before Dec 31)
Instructor's Email Address

Post an uninterrupted four minute (maximum) video of you riding.  The video should include either the following or whatever is appropriate to the level at which you are currently working on the horse you are riding.

  • one free walk to medium walk transition
  • one walk pirouette or turn on the forehand
  • one zig zag in leg yield or trot half pass
  • one walk to canter
  • one canter to walk or prompt canter to trot to walk
  • one transition into and out of a canter lengthening
  • one stretching in trot or canter anything else you want to show

The selection committee will be looking for the correctness of the riders seat, connection to the horse, timing of aids, use of half halts, and adaptability.

Provide one (1) letter of recommendation from the dressage/horse industry. Please have the letters sent by email to:

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Use this field if you want to upload a document, such as a letter of recommendation.
Application Fee
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Photo Usage Policy

Dressage4Kids often takes photographs and videos during its events and activities.  Dressage4Kids may use these photographs and videos for general publicity and programming purposes, including to raise funds.  Pictures may appear on the website, on the Dressage4Kids Facebook page, in newsletters, and in other print and digital marketing materials.  In addition, participants’ names may be used to recognize individual achievement in marketing materials.