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Christian Kennedy Scholarships Open Requests

Christian Kennedy Memorial Fund Scholarships

Open requests may be submitted to the committee at any time during the year and will be considered based on need and available funds. Awards are for specific educational expenses such as seminars, workshops, clinics, lessons, and training programs.  Applicants must state specific objectives, a defined beginning and end, and the request must be for the specific purpose of advancing the individual’s horsemanship skills, knowledge, or experience. All applicants must be actively pursuing a specific goal, and be able to demonstrate ability commensurate with stated objectives.  

All recipients are expected to give back to D4K programs in some way. Riders can volunteer their time and/or expertise to benefit or enhance Dressage4Kids programs as a whole. Examples include assisting with D4K programs, organizing a clinic or a fundraising event, judging, writing an article or a blog, and/or mentoring new D4K riders.

Scholarship recipients are required to write a report or story about their experience in the form of a letter, journal, blog, or diary. Photographs may be included. The report will be kept by the Committee, shared with local organizations if applicable, and may be used for publicity purposes to advance the overall awards program.

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Please obtain one letter of recommendation from someone in the riding/horse industry. This letter of recommendation should be sent by that person recommending to 

If I am awarded a scholarship, I agree to submit a written report sharing what I have learned or accomplished in the form of a letter, journal or diary.