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Thanks to generous donations from our sponsors, Dressage4Kids, Inc. has established extensive scholarship and professional development programs. Some programs assist youth and young adult riders to enhance their horsemanship skills and competition experience and to introduce them to career opportunities in the equine industry. Other programs provide networking or financial assistance to aspiring and current young professionals to further develop their repertoire of training, coaching, competition, business and stable management skills.

To be eligible for most of these programs, applicants must be 25 or under and have either participated in a Dressage4Kids, Inc. program or assisted with a D4K program as a volunteer.  Dressage4Kids Programs include the Youth Dressage Festival, Unmounted Programs (UP), the TEAM Program, the SIT Program, the WIT Program, and Training4Teaching.  Applicants between 21 and 25 are eligible only if they participated in the above programs within the last two years.  All applicants must be actively pursuing a specific goal, and be able to demonstrate ability commensurate with stated objectives.  The scholarship monies must be used for specific educational expense that may include, but are not limited to: seminars, workshops, clinics, lessons and training programs.  Programs must have a stated objective, a defined beginning and end, and must be for the specific purpose of advancing the individual’s horsemanship skills, knowledge or experience.

Scholarship awards will be paid directly to the individual in the event of a successful application, expected educational expense budget and a signed Letter of Agreement.  Any money awarded but not spent to achieve the goal outlined in the application must be returned to Dressage4Kids, Inc.  Scholarship awards generally range from $100 to $500 but may be more generous, depending on funds available and the applicant’s goals.  The Committee reserves the right to limit the number of scholarships granted to one recipient in any given year.

The Scholarship Committee expects scholarship recipients to give back to D4K programs commensurate with their knowledge and experience. By accepting scholarships, recipients must agree to volunteer their time and/or expertise in some way that will benefit or enhance D4K programs as a whole. Some ways that members give back for their scholarship awards include assisting at the various programs, conducting clinics, organizing a clinic or a fundraising event for scholarships, judging, writing an article, and/or being available for publicity, photos, etc.

All scholarship recipients will be required to write a report sharing what they have learned or accomplished in the form of a letter, journal or diary. Photographs may be included. The report will be kept by the Committee, shared with local organizations if applicable, and may be used for publicity purposes to advance the overall awards program.

All decisions of the Scholarship Committee are final.

A brief description of each program and the eligibility requirements follows.

  • Scholarships are awarded for the specific purpose of rider education; that is, advancing the individual’s horsemanship skills, knowledge or experience. The scholarship monies will be awarded for specific educational (not competition) expenses that include, but are not limited to, seminars, workshops, clinics, lessons and training programs. To be eligible, applicants must be 25 and under and have participated in a Dressage4Kids, Inc. program, such as the Youth Dressage Festival, Unmounted Programs, the TEAM Program, the SIT Program, the WIT Program, and Training4Teaching.

  • Current or former D4K activities’ participants (including trainers, volunteers, etc.) of any age are provided financial assistance directly related to pursuing the USDF Instructor Certification or Judges Certification programs.

  • The D4K Training4Teaching Program is offering a scholarship of up to $500 to enable professionals to take a day or two from their busy lives to audit the teaching of an instructor they don’t normally observe or with whom they do not usually work (observation should include a minimum of 6 lessons). The scholarship is intended to help cover expenses incurred as well as income lost by being away for the day(s) of education.

  • This scholarship honors Courtney King-Dye’s quest for knowledge, experience and excellence in her riding, horse management, and competition. The scholarship monies will be awarded to assist riders to cover expenses of major International competitions (NAYC not included). Riders age 29 and under who have participated in prior Dressage4Kids activities are eligible.

  • The Christian Meriwether Kennedy Memorial Fund was established with Dressage4Kids to support Dressage4Kids' mission to develop youth riders through training that promotes horsemastership, riding, sportsmanship, education, and fun.

  • Each scholarship recipient writes a report in order to share his/her experience with the Dressage4Kids community.