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Dressage4Kids Committee

Lendon Gray – Chairman, Dressage4Kids, Inc.

Marie Banks – Youth Sport Horse Program Coordinator; Schooling Show and Parade of Teams

Stephanie Beamer – Committee

Joy Black – Written Tests

Kari Bradshaw – Youth Dressage Festival Stable Manager

Beth Clarke – Advisor

Debbie DelGiorno – Show Secretary

Jennifer DeMeglio

Fern Feldman – Vice-Chairman, Dressage4Kids, Inc.

Margaret Freeman – Program

Mary Herbst – Website Manager, Newsletter, WEP Organizer

Jacqui Hijkoop – Committee Member-at-Large

Molly Lane – Sponsorship

Mica Mabragaña – Committee Member-at-Large

Sharon McDonald – Trophies

Ann Pereira – Dressage4Kids, Inc. Secretary and YDF Information Booth Coordinator

Alice Petersen – Youth Sport Horse Program Coordinator; Schooling Show; Parade of Teams

Debra Reinhardt – Show Manager

Ellen Rosengard – Product Sales Manager

Susan Sieber – Weekend Educational Program Organizer

Bonnie Stetson – Volunteer Coordinator

Sorrel Stetson – Volunteer Coordinator